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👋 Hi! And welcome to my homepage!

I am Aku Laurila, a backend minded software- and full-stack web-developer located in Kuopio, Finland.

I'm currently studying computer science at the University of Eastern Finland and looking opportunities in the field of Web Development. Examples of my past projects and technical skills can be found just below.

If you're interested, you can contact me or check me out on:

Some featured projects

Here are some selected favourites. Tap/hover on a card to view some relevant links.

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Demo Webstore (WIP)

A fullstack web application for a mock-up webstore. Stack includes React, Express, MySQL and Cloudflare R2 Buckets.

Project preview image

Android Book App

An application that tracks the user's reading habits, most read categories and hours read / day.


Android Book App

Project preview image

Old homepage

A responsive SPA built using React. This project was my first ever React application

Project preview image

Next.js homepage

A responsive web application built using Next.js and datoCMS. Made to replace my old website.

WebNext.jsReactHeadless CMS

Relevant skills I have


HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, Next.js


NodeJS, Express, JavaScript, Python, Java, SQL, REST, DNS records

Cloud/Hosting Providers

AWS, Azure, Cloudflare, Vercel, Netlify

Dev Ops

Agile, Scrum, CI/CD, Git

Familiar tools

Git, GitHub, Postman, Linux


Android, React native


Contact me

Have an offer, or just want to chat? You can email me directly at contact@akulaurila.com or leave a message using this form.



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